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Helping professionals boldly take action and ultimately thrive.

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Our Services



& group facilitation

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About the Head Coach: Bob Kolodinsky PhD, ACC

I'm Bob Kolodinsky ... certified professional coach, group and workshop facilitator, long-time professor and current MBA instructor, 4x small business owner, husband and father, golfer, learning enthusiast, active church member, and more.

My coaching mission is to help people boldly tackle their thorniest personal and professional challenges, take action toward what they most want, and ultimately thrive. 

What I do: Professional coaching for individuals and groups in organizations large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit. With first level supervisors and executives, and with entrepreneurs and business owners. I also conduct workshops and facilitate groups.


Common challenges include

  • improving performance

  • leading teams &
    effective delegation

  • improving relationships

  • handling difficult conversations

  • dealing with toxic co-workers

  • developing better habits and stronger emotional resilience

  • avoiding overwhelm and burnout

  • time and task management

  • ​setting and meeting goals

  • crafting better job (or career) fit

  • managing boundaries

  • more helpful self-talk

Common Challenges


Bob has been a kind, wise, knowledgeable guide to me. His support has been a game-changer in my new enterprise. Having him in my corner has made a world of difference. He is a master listener, capturing the essence of the issue I'm dealing with very quickly and clearly. His feedback has been on-point, actionable, and effective. He has made me feel that as my coach, he believes in me, he wants me to succeed, and he has my back."

J.B., Consultant and
Nonprofit Executive Director

"I was instantly impressed after my initial session with Bob. I felt like I had known him for a long time even though I had just met him. Being heard and understood without judgment takes a skill that not everyone has. Conversation flowed easily and I did not feel like I had to give much explanation before Bob seemed to know exactly what I was thinking. For me, having someone help me "move forward" and get "unstuck" was a true blessing. I would highly recommend Bob for a coach!"

D.J., Nonprofit
Executive Director

"Bob came along side of me at a time when I was trying to discern career direction and what steps to take to move forward on a new path. His willingness to coach me through this discernment process has been a game-changer.  I now have clarity on where I want to go and am in the process of launching a new career. Thank you Bob for helping to see my opportunities in a new way."

K.B., Business Analyst
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