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I'm Bob Kolodinsky ... certified professional coach, group and workshop facilitator, long-time professor and current MBA instructor, 4x small business owner, husband and father, golfer, learning enthusiast, active church member, and more. 

My coaching mission is to help people boldly tackle their thorniest personal and professional challenges, take action toward what they most want, and ultimately thrive. 

What I do: Professional coaching for individuals and groups in organizations large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit. With first level supervisors and executives, and with entrepreneurs and business owners. I also conduct workshops and facilitate groups. 

Common challenges include: improving performance, leading teams, improving relationships and handling difficult conversations, dealing with toxic co-workers, developing better habits and stronger emotional resilience, avoiding overwhelm and burnout, time and task management, setting and meeting goals, effective delegation, crafting better job (or career) fit, managing boundaries, and more helpful self-talk. 

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